Monday, October 22, 2007

stay in the room

I just saw an Oprah Primetime episode discussing a short film called Room 10. In the show, they showed a clip where an old man was speaking to a nurse. He was holding his wife's hand who was in a coma and he said to the nurse that he was happy that he was the one holding her hand after all these years.

The nurse then replies, you were lucky. He answers "Luck is the excuse of a lazy man who doesn't want to work. Luck has nothing to do with it. It's hard work. You get tired. tired of seeing the same person cross the room, tired of the same old stories, tired of the same fights." And she replies, "so there really is no secret?" He answers, "Yes there is. Stay in the room."

It seems so simple right? Stay in the room, don't leave, hold on, stay strong. Why is it then the hardest thing to do? Why do we immeidately head for the door when the going gets tough? Why do we hurt the one person we need to love the most? Why is it so hard to stay in the room?


  1. That sounds like a great short movie. I'm here to tell you that it's hard to stay in the room but with the right person, it won't be, as I'm blessed to have.

  2. Speaking of staying in the room, I think my wife is mad at me again. She was grilling me about insurance and I told her I didn't know because she was the one who talked to the insurance agent. I don't think she was happy with my answer because I have not seen her since she left the room to tuck in the toddler. That was before 8pm -- about 3 1/2 hours ago.

  3. hi kay! been busy the past weeks.. but am glad i got the chance to read your blog today...

    this entry is just very inspiring! yeah, some peeps find it hard to stay together in times of difficulties and struggles.. how sad!!

    i can feel your happiness now! yey!!!(-:


  4. wayabetty: you're lucky then ... very few can say that ...

    daddyforever: so what happened next? hope she came back or you went over to where she was ...

    zha: I'm glad to have inspired you.


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