Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a day with B

The tornado was able to attend a birthday party after two years of being invited to one. We trooped to McDonald's with me imagining that he will surely love to play with the other kids. Boy was I wrong. My son apparently has become anti social. He opted to play by himself and was happy just running after a balloon. There goes the Mr Friendship award that I was planning to honor him with. Lol!
Afterwards, we went to Tiendesitas and shopped around. It is such a lovely place save for the fact that there is no aircon and the weather is really tropical so it's not a good combination. You will forgive them though when you see the massive choice of novelty items, pets, clothes, furnitures, and what have you that they have to offer. Here is a [icture of the tornado stretching after walking for hours.

Daiz said...
Wow, laki na ni B. I guess he's not used to other kids so he was quite anti-social. You should let him play with kids/cousins.
at 1:58 PM

Mike Abundo said...
Not wanting to be around people isn't always being antisocial. Some people just need less social interaction than others. :)
at 12:17 AM

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