Thursday, September 20, 2007


I long for the days when I used to believe, when I was still naive and thought that love could conquer everything.

I long for the days when you used to hold me in your arms and whispered sweet nothings . . . words that pierced my heart and went to the very core of my being.

I long for the time when you would look deep into my eyes and tell me that you can't imagine living a life without me, that I was your first priority and I believed you.

I long for those days when I still believed in love and all the promises that it brings. I long for that feeling.

I long for the words.
I long . . . for love.

Daddy Forever said...
I long for those days too. Sometimes, it seems like we lost that loving feeling after we had kids.
at 12:17 PM

zhasha said...
i feel for you.. true love is what you deserve!
at 3:19 AM

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