Vaseline Water Based Serum

Vaseline Water Based Serum is actually a lotion that also serves as sunscreen which also doubles up as a skin whitener. I initially did not believe it so I actually put it to a test.

Last Sunday, I went to Divisoria and I used this on my skin. I was there from 9am to 1pm and I loved it. I did not go dark. I did not feel sticky or icky which is what happens when you put on your regular sunblock. I felt fresh the whole time.

It was amazing. This is the first time that a serum blew me away. It was just so amazing. I'm glad I have around 8 of these bottles at home. It's the perfect partner to my Luminisce Sunblock. Now, I can definitely go under the sun and enjoy Summer without worrying about becoming dark.

Other important things to know about Vaseline Water Based Serum:
- It provides three modes of fairness & comes in a non-sticky formula that is easily absorbed by the skin.
- It has SPF30 that provides up to 96% protection from UVB rays of the sun that cause skin damage & sunburn, making it Vaseline's best ever sun protection.
- It also has PA++ that protects against UVA rays of the sun that cause aging and darkening.
- It has Vitamin B3 that whitens skin with continued use.

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  1. Ang fresh naman sa photo! :) Haven't really tried vaseline eh. But this looks interesting :D

    1. Hi Jhanz,

      No need to put your blog url. I can go to your blog based on your profile. :) You should try it out. It's really nice.