Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skintec Fiona and Grips Wax

I was given the opportunity to try some products from Skintec, specifically the Fiona Cologne as well as Grips Wax.

The Fiona Cologne had 6 fragrances but my favorite was the Ice Glacier. The smell was so cool to the nose and it lasted for more than 5 hours which was really great because for a cologne, that is a pretty long time.

The other scents which were Cool Bursts, Raspberry Drops, Pretty Mist, Youthful Bliss, and Bubbly Pink were citrusy and flowery in scent. My Mom and my little sister loved it.

In my opinion, this is definitely something that teenagers and college students should definitely buy because it is well within their budget and worth every penny.

Now, given that I have short hair, I was also able to try out Grips Wax and boy did I love it.

See how my hair does not look greasy or shiny? Most wonderful of all, it actually stayed till the end of the night, long after the party was over.

I feel lucky that Skintec gave me the chance to be introduced to these two products. I can definitely see this becoming a part of our grocery budget and I love that it is available in our local sari sari stores and all shops nationwide.

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