Wednesday, January 16, 2013

paid for or paid by?

When it comes to college tuition fees, do you think you should be the one to pay for it in full or do you feel that having your child pay for a part of it will be better? This was the topic being discussed on a radio show I listened to this morning. The male DJ felt that kids would appreciate their education more and study harder if they pay 1/4 of their tuition. Some listeners on the other hand thought that if kids earned money, they might lose interest in getting a degree.

As a mother, this got me thinking. How do I want to raise B? What would happen when he goes to college? Will he appreciate and study hard even if I pay for everything? Will it be better if he pays for a part of it?

I thought it over and came to the conclusion that I would go for half and half. When I say half and half, I mean that I'd pay for everything as long as he gets good grades (not just barely passing) and he stays away from drugs, liquor, and getting someone pregnant. If he doesn't get decent grades, then he would have to pay for half. If he doesn't want to and refuses to study, I'll make him work in our factory so he can learn to appreciate the good life he has.

Sometimes, tough love is necessary to instill values in a child. I truly believe that and I will practice it should time come. I hope it doesn't but if it does, I would have to. This is what being a Mom is all about.


  1. it depends actually. in our country, i dont think it's possible considering our environment. the closest i can think of is scholarship. your child will do his/her best to study hard. :-)

    1. Hmm, I think it could also work here. It would depend on how the parent and child would talk.

  2. I'm split on this one. I don't know which one to choose. Though, honestly, you got valid points here. I guess I will have to cross the Rubicon river when I'm there. For now, let's see what will transpired.

    Siguro, I will just raise my son well to be a responsible guy and do his responsibility towards family and society just to avoid a confrontation such as this one.


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