Monday, January 14, 2013

B asked ...

FM and I went to ACE Water Spa last Saturday with the kids. FM wanted B and I to experience having a water massage since we've never tried it before.

Upon entering the place, I was in awe because it seems that the entire ground floor was just one big swimming pool. It was bubbling because of the jet bubbles from the hydrotherapy massage.

The locker room had some pretty strict rules. Little boys under the age of 6 is allowed in the women's locker room. 7 and above, they need to go to the little men's room. As for single Mom's who bring their little guys and no one else, I have no idea how ACE would handle the situation. Personally, I think its a stupid rule. It's not like a boy of 7 would be a peeping tom.

Getting over that peeve, I had to admire the tenacity of the lifeguards. No one was allowed in the pool if they were not wearing a swimming cap or spandex. If your swimming cap falls off, you'd immediately hear a whistle. The lifeguards whistle to call your attention.

B went off to play in the kiddie pool. I let him be because it was waist high for his age and they had lifeguards all over the place. Now, while FM and I were lounging at the whole body massage area, we heard a whistle. Initially, I did not pay attention to it. However, gut feel told me to look and there, I saw B standing beside a lifeguard. The lifeguard was waving and pointing to B. It seems that B couldn't find FM or I and he went to a lifeguard to ask for us.

It was such a proud Mommy moment for me. B actually listened to what I told him to do if he finds himself lost. He went to the person of authority and asked for help. By doing this, B ensured that he was safe and that he would find us.

To parents, I encourage you to teach your children (even one as young as 4) what to do should they get lost in a place like ACE. Yes, it is technically safe but with times now, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. Good things he really listens well.

    Kudos to the lifeguard for imposing what should be imposed. Or else losing an assignment/job for carelessness.


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