Saturday, January 19, 2013

dinner date at Mr. Rockefeller

When FM picked me up for our usual Fridate, I did not know what to expect. He didn't tell me what plans we had for the night so I played it safe by wearing a nice top, jeans, and heels. I thought I looked pretty safe regardless of where we will go except if it was to a pig chasing event which I doubted we'd go to.

So there we were walking around Greenbelt and he couldn't seem to decide where we would eat. We went up all three levels until he finally stood in front of The Red Crab and Mr. Rockefeller. There, he asked me to choose. Since I've already eaten at The Red Crab, I chose Mr. Rockefeller. Inside my head I was wondering why it seems we were having dinner at a fancier place than normal.

Apparently, FM wanted to treat me to a really nice dinner. I was smitten. 10 months and I feel like he's still courting me at times. We sat, ordered, and talked through dinner. We spoke about work and other things about our daily lives. We commented on what other people at the restaurant wore and how inappropriate some were (a woman came in wearing short shorts [jeans type] with a man wearing a coat.) Talk about a mismatch in dress codes.

What I liked about our dinners now is that I get to enjoy the moments wore. I was in the moment. I was not obsessing over the taste of the food, the description of the place, or what I was going to write in my food review. I was just with him, with FM.

I was in the moment.

Here's to many more moments with you FM. Thank you for a wonderful meal. I felt like we were out on our first date minus me falling flat on my face.

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  1. You deserve to be treated in a fancier resto - hehe! I was laughing out loud while reading about the portion where you talked about the people around you and the clothes they're wearing - hahaha! biglang naging fashion police kayong dalawa - which I find it funny naman. hehe


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