Saturday, January 12, 2013

it's been a year ...

since FM and I met for the first time and went out on a date. Last year, I literally fell flat on my face because of this date. This year, I literally fell in love again with my date.

Since it was a rainy night, we ended up eating in one of the restaurants along Kapitolyo in Pasig. We were supposed to dine at Poco Deli but ended up at Milky&Sunny simply because there was a parking slot open right in front of it.

We've eaten at this place before and so I'm not going to be talking about the food. Also, one of my resolutions this year is to talk more about the people and the moment rather than focusing on food.

Our date last night at Milky&Sunny was very relaxed. FM had fish and I had tocino. We both ordered the big breakfast plate and I had a cup of coffee to go with mine which was perfect because there was a light drizzle going on. The only failure of the night was that I enjoyed my food so much, I did not share it with FM. He thought it was weird because I always let him taste whatever it was that I was having. I couldn't tell him that I loved my dish so much that I forgot to give him a bite.

Toink. Hahahaha.

Still, it was a very casual date yet I felt happy. We were together and we talked about the stuff happening in our lives. Sometimes, we forget to do that because he has been so busy with work and I have been so busy with a lot of things. It was nice to just step back, sit down, eat, and talk. Best part, we still hold hands even after a year of seeing each other. :)

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