Sunday, January 20, 2013

B's 1st Love Letter

B forgot that I was supposed to bathe him ... when he realized this, he wrote this for me. What a sweetheart

When I read this, I felt warm all over. It was such a sweet thing for him to do and this counts as his first official love letter to me. Awww. 
Dear Mommy, 
Sorry that I forgot that you were supposed to bathe me. Next  time, you will be the one to bathe me every Saturday and Sunday. I love you. 
Love, Brent   

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  1. Brent is such a sweet young boy. Well, who wouldn't if being taken cared of by the sweetest mom and person I know.

    I know he'll grow up sensitive to others' feelings. Kudos for a great upbringing you're doing Kay!


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