Sunday, January 27, 2013

a perfect day it was ...

Yesterday, FM and I met up. As mentioned in my previous post, FM and I had a number of fights and we were able to resolve this. Yesterday, we didn't argue. We had instances but we were able to nip it in the bud and be calm about everything that it ended being a perfect day.

To give you a background, FM thought that a perfect day for me would be if he were able to give me a mug every hour for 12 hours. Of course, the citymug collector in me was in heaven. However, this did not happen yesterday but I still considered it a perfect day.

We met at Pioneer and had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. Okay, I had a huge meal that was good enough for 2 people all by myself while he had a small bowl of dessert. What I liked about it was that he did not make fun of me for wolfing down such a huge meal and we just talked and talked.

It was perfect. I did not obsess about my food nor the taste. I just ate. I did not obsess about the perfect shot but of course, I took some shots of us. We talked and discussed about our plans for the day. I found it relaxing because we weren't rushing. It was just very chill.

Afterwards, we went to pick up the kittens I got for my Mom. We took a few wrong turns on the way because we were both busy talking. He did not hear the GPS which I found endearing because I knew that he was just focused on talking to me.

When we got the kittens, we took another wrong turn and ended up at Cubao Expo which was a place we were going to anyway. It was like a miracle that we just took that one wrong turn and there we were. We walked around the place with one kitten each. I appreciated this because FM is not really fond of kittens and yet, he held one and walked around with me for almost an hour. He said that it was his favorite part of our day.

After, we went to his place and watched Pitch Perfect with V. It was the first time I've watched it while it was FM's second time. He said it was a total chick flick but he was going to see it again because of me. Awwww.

Before we left his place, he showed me the 10 dancer mugs he got me from Indonesia. I was extremely happy and very appreciative. He must have had a hard time hand carrying those mugs and yet, he didn't mind it. All of this simply because he wants me to be happy.

I am such a lucky gal.

To end the night, we had dinner with my family. He also semi bonded with my Dad by finding a football website where my Dad can watch games live. Afterwards, he took us home.

To me, this was a perfect day. Yes, it was ordinary and nothing grandiose happened but there was a lot of laughter, moments, and love. To me, that's a perfect day.

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  1. Blog hopping here and this entry is just sweet. I am happy to hear people having their own perfect days.


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