of friendship and fashion

I saw these pouches when FM and I went up to Mt. Clouds in Baguio. It was so pretty and eco friendly. Woven using junk food wrappers, it was perfect for small things inside the bag. I asked him as well as my best boy friend to get it for me but they both turned their backs on me. I was miffed but I soon forgot about it. After all, it's not like I could just go up to Baguio anytime I'd like.

2 months passed and today, my best boy friend sent me an SMS asking for a meet up. It seems he already has his Christmas gift and wanted to hand it over. I obliged.

We met up and he handed me over his gift. Soon as I opened it, I let out a small shriek for inside the wrapper was this.

It was the banig pouch that I was eyeing. It seems that my best boy friend got it for me after all. Eeekkk! I was so happy. He really knows what would make me smile like a fool.

Thanks dear best friend of mine for 27 years now. You made me super happy today. :)