Thursday, January 3, 2013

Enchanted with Enchanted Kingdom

Last day of the year 2012 was spent with FM and our kids at Enchanted Kingdom. Honestly, I didn't expect much out of the trip since Enchanted Kingdom has always been known to be overly crowded with lots of hours spent waiting in line for a ride that will last no longer than a minute. Still, it was a family tradition of FM and his kids. B and I were invited for 2012's trip so off we went.

The first thing I noticed upon getting there was that there were a lot of empty parking spaces. Next, there weren't a lot of people. When I say there were not a lot, there was less than 300 and this is a theme park that can house over 1000+ people in one given hour.

I was ecstatic. B and I could do the rides without long lines and we can go back again and again to our hearts content. Eeekkk! Look how there's no crowd in the background.

B and I rode almost all the kiddie rides he wanted to be part of together save for one where he told me bluntly, "Mommy, I'd like to go by myself. I'm big now." Mommy was proud but also heartbroken. My little boy is becoming a little man.

We also went on the Rialto and it was actually my first time to get to see this side of EK. I've been here 4x but it was a first for me. This is how crowded EK normally is so I really appreciated this visit of ours.

I loved how we were able to roam around without rubbing shoulders with anyone. It felt free and relaxing. It was how a theme park should be in my head. It seems that this was actually the reason why FM and his kids would always visit on the last day of the year.

Another new thing I got to try was the Go Kart and boy was it something. I semi drifted and I also slammed into tires. Yep, that's how badly I drive. I got into mini accidents but was gladly well cushioned by my fats. LOL.

It was truly an enchanting trip for both B and I. It was memorable and it was a lot of things that a theme park should be: magical and happy.

Truly, a wonderful way to end the year. Thanks FM!

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  1. What day of the week did you go there? I'm planning to visit too and I want to avoid the long lines.


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