Monday, January 21, 2013

Project 365 (Week 3)


Week 3 was all about celebrations. I celebrated the week by starting to wear accessories to work. I couldn't be bothered before and sometimes, I still couldn't be bothered but from time to time, I managed to dress up and be pretty.

It was a celebration of Philippine Theater and theater in general with the year being kick started with Ibalong which is an epic. I loved the costume and I loved the songs. I was also invited to watch a private screening of Les Mis which I totally fell in love with.

It was also a celebration of local products with me buying local chocolates and supporting the local market. It was reliving my childhood memories and being able to create one with B.

This week also marked my 10th month with FM so hurray.

Sadly, week 3 ended with a friend who was gone too soon .Wherever you are Mic, I know you are happy for there is no more pain but only happiness. I hope you are at peace.

Rest in peace mah friend. Rest in peace.

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  1. Happy 10th month to both of you! It was such a nice idea patronizing our local products. Honestly, we have wide arrays of good, if not great, local products. The thing is we're still encapsulated to the idea of a "stateside" kaya di mabilis ang pag usbong ng ating local industry.

    I hope I can watch any musical in February - hehe..wish lang..or concert maybe haha


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