Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1st Grade Math Worksheets

Raising a 1st grader while having a full time job and part time hobby can be quite grueling. Sometimes, I go home and I already feel so tired. B, on the other hand, is almost always excited to see me and do homework. Sometimes, deep inside my head, I yell and say, "Can I just not have a break?" In reality though, I tell him to give me 5 minutes and I sit back and relax.

Having printable worksheets has helped me extend that 5 minutes to 10-15 minutes. I look at the chapters on their book and make a note of what things they're studying. I then look things up on the net and print worksheets. It helps me because I don't need to create a questionnaire. I explain the lesson then I can easily test him to see if he understood.

I make sure I have at least 4 different worksheets on the same topic to ensure that he really knows the lessons. Having 4 also ensures that if he made a mistake on the first 2, I still have extras that he can practice on.

Here are some sites where I get my Math Worksheets.

Math Blaster

I just wanted to share so that other Moms won't have a hard time. These links are for 1st graders but they also have worksheets for other grades. 


  1. Ur doing a great job as a single mom, ur hard work will sure bear fruits in the mere future :))

  2. Will keep this in mind when my babygirl enters 1st grade :)

  3. Super helpful! My daughter is in Kinder but is performing on a first grade level in most areas. The teacher tries to keep up with her, but it's hard when the rest of the class is lightyears behind her (there are... issues... with her school). I love to find new things to enrich her learning with at home!

    -Geeky mom

  4. And I salute you for doing a job tedious enough yet with love and care.

    One day, I will do what you have done. I hope I won't get tired of teaching my cute boy when he grows up. And I really hope he grows up smart and polite.


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