Sunday, October 1, 2006

munimuni # 1

things I am thankful for this week ...

1) we are able to pay all the bills and have some left to tide us over as well as buy stuff we really don't need ... hehe

2) we are all safe even when Milenyo came crashing down on us

3) I got to be there for my brothers when there was a major spat

4) I had one of those late night sessions that my Mom and I used to have before I moved out

5) I've maintained my nighttime bath sessions with my baby and Daddy continues their nightly massage sessions.

6) I got a hardbound CRAFT book which I will take a picture of for a measly Php400. Real cheap. I also got a book called Reflections from a Mother's Hearts: Your Life Story in Your Own Words. Also got some Nicholas Sparks hardbound book real cheap. I love BookSale.

things I am not so thankful for this week ...

1) we still don't have electricity for 4 days now ... eekkkk! I hate you MERALCO. Hate them as well? Email them here. Can someone uber rich put up their own Electrical Lighting Company here please????

2) it looks like I gained some pounds ... not good!

So there you go ... I think it was a pretty good week considering everything. =p Have a lovely Monday everyone. As for me, I will be on rest day. See you wednesday.

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