Sunday, October 8, 2006

organized clutter

As a mom to a 15 month old baby, I know how messy the house can be due to all the playing and inquisitive mind running loose. Babies will check everything, taste everything, and touch everything. They're made that way so that they can learn more about their environment, surrounding, and about life in general.

No matter how much we clean up, they will mess everything again. Of course this pushes most of us to the edge but before you snap, here are some tips from yours truly on how you can minimize the damage that can be caused by your lil tornado.

Wouldn't we all lvoe to have a room for our babies that looks like the one on the right?

SORT. Make sure that everything is sorted accordingly. Why? If things are sorted properly, there would be a place for everything and everything in its place.

RID. Get rid of clutter. This goes for everything. Look at your closet and if you have any clothes that you have not worn in a year (I'm being lenient here.) then start giving them away or donate them to charity. If you must absolutely keep it, then put it in a plastic organizing box to make room for the clothes that you do use. Something like this would be of great help. Rid the papers that you've kept in your drawers thinking that you'll get to it or there might be something interesting, there isn't. Throw it away. If there are things there that you just can't throw away, then get a small file folder and put it all there. Organize your clutter at the very least if you really can't throw it.

Do this once a month and I can assure you that the house will be tidier, more organized, and clutter free. Save of course for the occasional toy strewn around. But then, its just a reminder that its time for some playtime with baby.

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