Sunday, October 1, 2006

favorite foods

I am tagging anyone who loves to eat. Leave links to your meme post so that I can check and see what your favorites are.

1. Favorite Comfort Food
Cinnamon swirl from Starbucks.

2. Favorite Breakfast Meal

Garlic rice with hotdog, egg, and spam. Heaven! With one hot cup of chocolate drink.

3. Favorite Lunch Meal
Sinigang na Baboy. Kangkong with Bagoong.

4. Favorite Dinner Meal
Sugpo. Fried Chicken. Pinsec Prito.

5. Favorite Dessert
Halo halo. Leche Flan.

6. Favorite Cake
Chocolate Mousse. Rocky Road. Coffee Crunch.

7. Favorite Pasta
Anything pesto.

8. Favorite Dish That Others Find Weird
Rice Coconut with Moscovado.

9. Favorite Fruits That You Haven’t Eaten In A While

10. Favorite Junkfood
Pizza Hut Super Supreme.

11. Favorite TV Show Related to Food (Cooking show, Travel show with food, etc.)
Everyday Italian, East meets West, 30 minute meals, Wok with Yan, Cooking with the Dazas.

12. Favorite Pastries
argh! I can't think of any ...

13. Favorite Way to Eat Potatoes
Mashed with lots of butter, some salt and pepper.

14. Favorite Ice Cream
Rocky Road or Double Dutch. Love the mallows.

15. Favorite Alcoholic Drink When You Really Really Really Want to Party
Tequila Shots.

16. Favorite Bar Chow

17. Favorite Chicken Dish
Mushroom Chicken Mushroom at Fridays.

18. Favorite Place to Eat with Your Sweetheart or Your Best Friend (Choose 1)

room with hubby

19. Favorite Place to Eat with your Family
Blue Wave and Dad's room.

20. Fill in the blanks: I wish I could eat ____ in/at _____ with ______.
I wish I could eat at Friday's with my family. Their food is just so yummy and ambience perfect for boisterous gatherings.

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