Wednesday, October 25, 2006

yey me!

I just wanna give a shout out to Miss Suzy and a huge hug and thank you with lots of kisses for linking me in her blog and putting me under her daily must read. It is so super flattering. Yey me. =) Thank you for thinking that my posts are worth reading. Hugs! Lotsa lotsa hugs!

*check out her site as well ... its worth reading ...

** I also got the following books for only Php980. Chicken Soup for the Soul of America, My First Party Book, the Crafty Diva's DIY Stylebook, and Crafts in Minutes. All of them hardbound. Beat that! I am such a geek. =)

*** for those who have issues with their bosses, here's something to make you smile. It made me smile.

*** more love: The wish I made for a cancer stricken kid came true with the help of so many other people. God is good. Here's the post. It's titled Ask and You Shall Receive. Pyro finally met Batista.

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