Thursday Thirteen # 1

13 reasons to lose weight ...
* I can fit in to my old clothes again and look fabulous.
* I can run after my 15 month old baby without wheezing every 10 minutes. Must be all the fat.
* I can wear a two piece without looking like a sausage.
* Hubby won't call me Miss Piggy anymore.
* I can live a longer life, health wise that is.
* I can win the Biggest Loser PexMoms edition.
* I'll look like the daughter instead of the mother when my Mom and I go out. She's way thinner than I am and never lets me forget it.
* It'll be easier to become flexible because there won't be any fat to get in the way.
* I'll feel better about myself since I'll have one less thing to be depressed about.
* If I ever feel the urge to indulge in chocolates and sweets, I'll have a leeway.
* I won't be asked if I'm pregnant again.
* I can call myself a SuperMom and look the part.
* I won't have to write another 13 reasons to lose weight.

thanks to whoever owns the image of Thursday 13 ... I forgot who I borrowed it from.