Sunday, October 22, 2006

9 Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by The Wooden Porch to do this. It's my first one (first to be tagged!) and it makes me so giddy. Blogger conked out on me earlier causing me undue stress. I never thought that Blogger could have that effect on me. Hehe. Added you to my sidebar as well TWP. =)

1) I still collect Happy Meal toys and other meal toys given out by fast food chains. I love them and I have a vast collection of it. Don't see myself stopping collecting them.

2) I still color in coloring books. My current fave ones are the Care Bear Coloring Books. But ..... I don't know how to coordinate colors so you're going to see the most abnormal color combination you can find in a Care Bear. I'm talking eggplant colored Care Bears or Magenta Care Bears.

3) My feet peels. The skin on my feet that is. I got it from my Dad and I don't know why it does that but it does and I love peeling it. Lol! It's disgusting I know.

4) I get chapped lips and I peel off the chapped skin. No matter how much it hurts, and it does to the point that I get tears in my eyes, I still peel it. I look like a battered wife at times coz of that but it never stops me. I'd rather that it be bleeding or hurting than to have that chapped skin feeling rough against my lips. See, it is weird.

5) When I like a TV show, I buy the DVD of the entire series and I print out the script of that TV show and have it binded so I can read the script at my leisure.

6) I hate getting my feet when I'm wearing open toed shoes. It irritates me like nothing else can. I also hate getting startled. It makes me irrationally mad.

7) I only eat the marshmallows in Oreo O's. The rest, I let my husband eat coz I don't like the taste of it.

8) I still feel excited going to carnivals and theme parks. I can't wait to ride in the Carousel eventhough I'm over 25 now. I can't get over it. I'm over 25 in a couple of days.

9) I collect way too much stuff. Magnets, pillows, earrings, purple things, holiday stuff, plastic containers, craft books, scrapbooks, bags, shoes, toys, frames ... and so on.

I am tagging WAYA and Mama Duck! =) Just copy and paste this in your own blog and then tag some other people.

Thanks TPW for tagging me. I had loads of fun!

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