Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 3

13 things that scares me

1) ghost stories ... I love listening to them but afterwards, my imagination runs away and I imagine every nook and cranny filled with monsters or ghouls
2) roaches, spiders, centipeds ... all insects basically ... I will scream like hell when faced with one ... then I go Baygon crazy and spray the entire house
3) dying in a fire
4) death by drowning ... I don't know how to swim so I know that no matter how much I flail around, I'm just gonna go straight to the bottom and become fish food (eeekkkk!)
5) going in a room that's real dark and I have no idea if there is anyone there or not
6) fear of the unknown
7) capiz windows in provincial houses
8) forests at nighttime gives me the chills
9) big jars ... there was a movie shown when I was young wherein this woman was sold by her husband to a tribe and they buried her alive in a huge jar, she vowed to avenge and in years, turned into a monster that would grab people near the jar and kill them
10) becoming really big ... like 200lbs and up ... I'm already 160lbs and not losing any no matter how much I try =(
11) omens scare me as well ... i go for better safe than sorry
12) scary films ...
13) losing the people I love

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