Tuesday, October 17, 2006

for the many blessings

We just came back from a well baby check up of our lil tornado and everything was a-okay. He's 10kgs now and about 80cm long. Seems that once the tornado hit the one year mark, growth and weight gain would be slowing down since he's become a tornado in real life. Too much running around and getting addited to nonstop playing will do that to you. (I wonder why I haven't lost weight when I play with tornado all the time?)

So there I was feeling a wee bit cocky coz my baby was the handsomest tyke there when a woman came in with this uber small baby in her hands. So being the extroverted creature that I am, I asked if the baby was a newborn. She said no, that the baby was actually almost 2 months old. I don't think I was able to hide my shock well because she started explaining as to what happened.

She told me that the baby was premature, being born at 7 months. The mother had died during the c-section delivery because something had gone wrong and a vein exploded in the mother's brain. I was appalled. I thought that no one died anymore during childbirth. I was wrong.

I felt so much pity and love for the lil child. This child who no longer had a mother but was still fighting to survive life. He was so fragile and small. His arms and legs barely an inch thick.

And I realized ....

I was so lucky. My family was so lucky. My baby was very lucky. We had none of that. The pregnancy we had went smoothly and we were all healthy. So I just wanna thank the Lord for the many blessings He has given me. And I pray that that lil boy will grow up noticing the blessings that he receives more than the heartaches that he will encounter.

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