Friday, October 6, 2006

on receiving letters

There's something speacial about receiving letters in the mail. I'm not talking about e-mails or e-cards but snail mail. In this time of technology and fast tracks to anything and everything, see this entry, I find snail mail to be endearing.

The fact that someone took time to write you a letter, a card, an invitation means that you were special enough or worth the effort. Unless of course if the person is still not savy with the internet. Hehe.

I admit that I rarely write letters anymore nowadays. But when I was younger, I'd write 6-8 letters a day to friends, family, and significant others. I'd just talk about anything and everything. There was something therapheutic about writing things down. Maybe that's why I blog now. Eventhough I don't literally write, I still am able to express my thoughts.

Do you feel the same way? Do you also like receiving and sending letters the traditional way? Or am I one of the last of a dying breed? I'd love to read your thoughts on this.

p.s. for those who are about to have a halloween party or any party, here's a cool way to give out souvenirs and namecards.

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