on reading and writing again ...

Last year saw the rise of my blog from being a strictly personal blog to having some PR posts and covering events. It was very different from what I was used to. It was a novelty to be honest.

I never saw myself as someone who could be invited to cover events though I have dreamt of it at one point or another. I never saw myself as someone who could be invited to do food tasting though I definitely wanted that kind of a job when I was growing up. I never saw myself in any of these things and yet it happened.

This year though, I wish to write more post about parenting, mommy tips, arts and crafts, and tutorial materials that other mommy bloggers can use. I wish to write more about lessons I learned, wisdoms shared, and overcoming challenges. I wish to inspire others to persevere and move on. I wish to be an inspiration.

As for reading, I joined the 50Book Project for 2013 and I'm happy that on the 3rd day of the year, I am already on Book # 2. I really want to rekindle my love of reading and learning. Last year saw a decline in my reading and this year, I vow to make up for it.

2013 ... I will read more and write more quality post.

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  1. i wish to write more too.

    keep on blogging this 2013 :-)