love from Indonesia

FM recently went to Indonesia and of course, I asked him to bring me some things. Being the supportive and loving boyfriend that he is, he got me these.

I love the Bali magnets since they are a pair. As FM said, it represents the two of us. Sweet no?

As for the bag, I love that it is big and colorful. It can easily fit all my notebooks and what have you. I carry it with me when I am feeling artistic or just want to read.

For my Mom, he got these.

Thank you FM for these wonderful souvenirs from Indonesia.

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  1. FM is so sweet. I still have your Swiss magnets. Now that I'm back in SEA, I'll manage to finally send them to you. :)

  2. Seeing these magnets crept the hell out of me. I have tried looking for magnets here but too bad stores that I went in run out of stocks. I need to check out other stores. Plus the snow globe..what the....hahaha. I hope I can buy it soon.