chocolate = love

Last night, FM and I went to the wake of a colleague. On our way back home, I felt very sluggish all of a sudden. I guess the death of someone I cared for took a toll on me after trying to be all composed and strong while at the wake. I just really found myself chilly, very sad, and just sluggish.

FM, being FM, took us to a gasoline station and got me this.

FM knew that if I ingest chocolates, I instantly become happier. I love that FM knows me so well that he already knows what to do when I feel down.

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  1. First condolence sa lost friend mo.

    And wow Kudos to pare FM, he really knows you already! Good man!

  2. FM's really sweet, can I have a chocolate? hehe

    ow, condolence too to your friend, I'm sure he/she'swith God right now...,