Bon Chon with Kate

I met up with Kate because she was giving me the uniforms for B's pre-school so that I don't need to buy it anymore. I found this very sweet and as a way of thanking her, I took her to Bon Chon in Ayala Triangle. I still find it pretty amazing that there are a number of people who are still not aware of Bon Chon or Ayala Triangle. It is such a staple part of my life nowadays that I feel like I should share it with people I care for.

As always, Bon Chon did not fail me. Kate liked the chicken. :) It was hot, and so were we.

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  1. Bon Chon Megamall is now under construction =)

  2. Ate Kay, I always hear myself sigh deeply whenever I read your posts on Bonchon... I don't think we have any here in Cebu :(