Wednesday, April 24, 2019

5 Other Things You Need in your Go Bag

There has been a lot of images and articles telling people what needs to be in their go bag should a disaster strike. With the recent earthquake that literally shook Luzon, people are worried about the BIG ONE and the fact that we are truly unprepared.

In our home last Monday, we prepped our go bags. Since my little sister is actually a first responder, she knew what had to be done and shared a lot of information that I did not see online.

Here are the things you normally would find online.

All of these are good, basic ideas but there were other things that my sister also recommended and I wanted to share it with you guys coz it might just save a life.

1. Sanitary Napkin and Masking Tape

In case you don't have gauze pad and medical tape, these are good alternative to have. They are also cheaper but work just as well in emergency situations.


There are two purposes for the rope. If you do not live in a bungalow, there's a possibility that your main gate or point of exit might be blocked. This means you will need to go down from the roof or balcony. A rope is necessary so you can go down from your house. If you do not have a rope, have blankets that you no longer use and tie them up together. Place them in an area near your other point of exit in the event that main one is blocked.

The other purpose of the rope is to tie down people in the event they can't go down on their own. You can also use it with a cap to put in place and ensure non movement of the neck if someone suffers a spinal injury. 


No, we are not being vain. A nail file can be used in two ways. It can cut meat and other potential food that need to be cut and the other use is to defend yourself in the event of disasters. Remember that disasters bring out the best and worst in people. We need to face the reality that we may need to defend ourselves from others in case it happens.

Plunge the nail file in the collarbone area or throat so you can have time to run. We hope you never have to try this but in case you do, better to know what to do rather than just be the victim.

4. Copy of all your ID and documents. In the event of a disaster, the chances of the internet and electricity being up is slim. Having a hard copy and making sure everyone in the family has it will help you rebuild your life once the crisis has been averted.

5. Dry bag. This can be attached to the backpack and should keep your valuables dry at all times in case of typhoon, tsunami, and flood.

Hopefully, we never have to use these go bags but in the event that we do, isn't it better to just have these on standby rather than regret that you didn't prepare?

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