Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Review of Lao Yu Ji (L.Y.K.)

Lao Yu Ji or more known as LYK is opening it's door to the public starting today at the City of Dreams. The grand opening is set to happen at 5pm today but we were lucky enough to grab a table during lunch time and have a bite of a few things on their menu.

As you can see, they haven't officially opened.  What got me excited is the fact that they have an aquarium so your seafood is guaranteed fresh.

They also have roasted duck, chicken, and meat.

I love the interiors because it is a combination of old and new.

Now it's time to talk about some of the food they have. Since this was an unplanned lunch, we were only able to try 3 items but I think it's a good gauge to know if this place would be worth another visit.

I was impressed with the complimentary soup. It was bigger than the normal bowl given and this one even had a few veggies on it. The taste was also good, not the usual complimentary soup that barely taste anything.

Now this is their ramyeon and though they used instant noodle, it was the Chinese version that doesn't get soggy when put in the water for too long. Paired with egg, Chinese pechay, and Ma-Ling, this is definitely a comfort food. Priced at Php198, this is a budget meal that can definitely fill anyone up.

I had the Supreme Roasted 8 Combination. This one comes with rice, tofu, roasted chicken, white chicken, Liempo Macao, roasted duck, roasted pork, and Chinese pechay. At Php468, this is definitely an awesome sampler of everything because you get to have a taste of all the roasted dishes that Lao Yu Ji or LYK has to offer.

I loved the roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted pork, and then the white chicken the most.

The egg tart left a lot to be desired. I don't know what went wrong but I am sure that this egg tart is nowhere near the egg tart sold in Hong Kong so this was a downer for me.

Overall, I'd still give LYK a chance. I'm sure that there are still more to discover in the newest Hong Kong based restaurant to land in Manila.

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