Monday, April 29, 2019

Caffe Freddo in BGC

One of the things that has always fascinated me is how much New Yorkers seem to love their brunches. You see it in the movies, you read about it in books, and you watch it in the TV shows that are set in NewYork. My favorite, Gossip Girl.

If brunch is your thing or if you just simply want to experience brunch the New York way, then Caffe Freddo which is located at Lane P The Spa Building needs to be your next destination. As you can see, the place boasts of a well lit, instagrammable location and is very conducive to having a wonderful brunch, coffee dates, or a slightly intimate dinner.

Now let's go ahead and talk about the coffee.

I normally hate Flat White. I've tried a few from other coffee shops and I truly hated it. When I tried Caffe Freddo though, they said that their flat white is their best seller. Since they use a different kind of beans from New York called the Bluestone Lane beans, I thought that I would give it a try.

Thank God I did. This is the first flat white that I actually enjoyed and finished. Normally I'd have to add a lot of sugar just to force myself to finish a cup but this one was just perfect.

The Eggs Benedict are another must try in my opinion. Cooked perfectly, this one will definitely be a sure winner to those who love eggs cooked this way. I even showed it to my brother who is a chef in Singapore and he commented that this was perfect the way it was.

BUT the true winner and must try for me is this This Flatbread with dried figs, burrata, caramelized onions, and arugula was definitely a real treat. Seriously guys, you need to ORDER this. This was just something that made me go OOOOHHHHHH. This was so good that I wished I didn't eat anything else during this meal but this. I would definitely want to eat the entire thing all by myself.

If you are on the healthy side though, then it's this bowl of muesli that would be perfect. Tasty, healthy, and yummy ... definitely something that I can eat on a daily basis.

If you are with kids, then order this fried chicken dish which was also pretty darn good. Any kid would definitely love this one and paired with french fries, it is the ultimate comfort food.

I can't wait to bring my son here as well as M. They would definitely love it.

Caffe Freddo, was brought to life by the same team behind The Spa Wellness, and with the support of one of the largest fast casual restaurants in the country, BonChon. According to owner, Scott Tan, “Third wave is very much alive, and as a coffee drinking country, I think the time is ripe to bring in premium coffee that is more than just a caffeine fix. I believe coffee can be something really special.” Scott adds, “My philosophy in business has always been… anyone and everyone deserves good food, and that includes beverages, and because I’m a fan of Bluestone Lane in New York city, I’ve decided to bring their coffee beans to local shores.”

Apart from its impressive line-up of coffees, Caffe Freddo also prides itself of its carefully-curated Modern European brunch menu put together by Chef Markus Gfeller, who is the heart and soul behind the gastronomic creations. Chef Gfeller is known to have pioneered the fine dining experience in the 90s. He now leads a team of chefs for Caffe Freddo, to offer high-quality dishes with the freshest ingredients, but at much affordable price points.

Caffe Freddo is located at The Spa building, 9th avenue, in Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Operating hours are from 7am to 11pm from Mondays to Sundays. Contact numbers are (0998)8479410 and 4410681. For updates, follow Caffe Freddo PH on Instagram and Facebook.

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