Sunday, April 7, 2019

on surprise dates and the power of assurance

Lately, I haven't been feeling okay about my relationship with M. Yes, we do not fight but I felt that we have gotten into a rut. Truth be told, I was starting to think that he may have lost interest in me and met someone new.

It was not a good feeling.

This of course resulted into one big fight and I finally told him everything. I told M how I felt insecure, how I thought that he had a side chick, and how I didn't feel assured about our relationship.

As his trademark, he didn't say much about it but today, while we were out and rushing from one event to the next, he saw a window of opportunity and he took me to lunch here.

I felt kilig.

Black Fork Bistro looked like the perfect date place. It was cozy and the ambiance was great. It seemed like the perfect date spot.

It even had an art section where they sell artwork made by UP Students at reasonable prices.

I ordered the Beef Salpicao with gravy while M ordered the Roasted Chicken. Our meal came with the soup of the day and unlirice.

I love the fact that they use proper soup spoon. It's just really nice.

Save for the garlic, I loved my beef salpicao. The meat was tender and the sauce was wonderful. If I wasn't trying to lose weight, I would have eaten a lot more but I promised myself that I would cut down on rice.

The roasted chicken was also pretty good though I wish that they marinated it a bit longer so that the taste would be a bit more distinct.

My wonderful date.

We had this 3 pieces churros for dessert because again, we were trying to cut down on sweets and carbs so this was more than enough for us. I loved this one especially when dipped on this dulce de leche dip.


Overall, our bill was only Php500 which was pretty amazing. M and I have been on a goal of saving money this year so it really matters that we can still go our but not spend so much money. After all, what really matters is that you spend time together and assure each other of your love.


  1. The food looks really tasty and I'm glad you had a wonderful date! I would like to visit here some time :)

  2. This is awesome! I would love to go on surprise dates! The food seams so delicious! I am so happy it worked out. between you two.

  3. Great post, the food looks delicious and interior decoration is wonderful

  4. Looks like a really nice spot. The food looks good.

  5. Seems such a nice place to have a friendly dinner party. Everything looks inviting.

  6. Surprise dates are so much fun! i miss going out so much! and I definitely miss eating out, like A LOT

  7. Great place to visit on when the lockdown is over. THanks for this choice. Will definitely check this out.

  8. It seems like you had an amazing date. Those foods are so delicious. Enjoy!


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