Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sundays at the SkyPark at SM Aura

Summer is off to a sizzling start. At 42 degrees, the heat is definitely on so what better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than having Sundays at the Skypark located the 5th floor of SM Aura?

First off, they have a tent to protect you from the heat. They also have a playground where your kids can burn off all the energy they have stored in their bodies. 

Different workshops are offered. You can learn to play the drum, watch something, or learn how to do arts.

What makes this better is that there are food stalls and not just any food stall. They serve local products such as suman but they level it up by putting chocolate syrup and nuts. You can also get to know the makers of these products so you can know more about the story behind the food if that's something that interests you.

Melo's Alabang is also now slowly becoming a part of bazaar's and they offer a rice topping or steak sandwich. If you've ever wanted to try out Melo's Steak but feel off with the price, this is the best way to have a taste of it without breaking the bank. I love that they made their steak offering more affordable and I am telling you guys, THIS IS WORTH IT.

Now this empanada was a complete surprise. It' contains chicken marinated in Red Horse and I am telling you, the taste is totally different in a good way.

Sundays at the Skypark also encourages mindful shopping which means that you are encouraged to bring your own ecobag and reusable containers for your purchases. Reusable straws are also encouraged and they use wooden utensils as well.

Sundays at the Skypark will be on every Sunday for the months of April and May. Be sure to catch them and take advantage of all the workshops as well as the local products which will be sold. Click here for the video.

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