Monday, April 29, 2019

4 Steps to an Easy Garage Cleanout

For a long time, your garage has been nothing but a savior. It’s where everything you don’t have space for goes to and the death bed for all your junk. So, what do you do when the garage gets full and messy? A befitting rubbish removal, right?
But with so many areas to scour, as well as the numerous items to get rid of, cleaning out the garage can be a daunting task. So, if you want to do it fast and hassle-free, you’ll need to employ a practical strategy. Below are authentic measures to a swift and spectacular garage clean out.

 Step 1: Take Everything Out
De-cluttering your cramped-up garage should be your first move. It enables you to realize what you’re working with and prepare for the next cause of action. So, depending on the weather, take everything out to an extra room or the driveway.
Step 2: Organize the Items
Come up with a criterion for selecting what stuff to keep. You can start by taking stock of everything you have, categorizing all of your items into for groups: retain, donate, sell, and trash. Only hang to the possessions that make you most happy. The rest?
Hawk them in a yard sale or donate to charity, except for any item that is useless or broken. Such things belong in a landfill or a recycling bin. Contact with professionals like Paul's Rubbish Removal if you want to dispose them organically. Make sure that you take care of things before going to the next step.
Step 3: Deep Clean Your Garage Space
It’s the most crucial part of any garage rubbish removal regimen. Ultimately, how neat and crisp your garage turns out, depends on how well you clean it. It’s advisable to start from top to bottom, but whatever style you choose, don’t forget to:
  • Remove grease and oil stains - You can do it using a wire scrub brush, dish soap and cat litter. Apply the litter first to absorb an excess liquid on the stain, then scrub with soap. If you can find kitty waste, cornmeal or sawdust will work fine too.
  • Wipe away mold - vinegar or bleach diluted with warm water will do.
  • Spruce up the walls - Employ a sponge mob for the garage partitions. Also, use epoxy and a sealant to deal with any cracks.
  • Clean the Garage Door - You can do it by brushing off the dust, hosing the door down, and finally wiping it with mild household detergent plus warm water. 
Step 4: Straighten Out the Garage
Once your garage space is spic-and-span, it’s time to bring in your precious belongings. But this time, place everything in a harmonized manner so that you prevent clutter from building up again. Check out the following pointers on how to best layout your cleaned-up garage:
  • Invest in shelving units where all your frequently used items will go, for easy reach.
  • Utilize cabinets or closets for the less frequently used items.
  • Get a pegboard for hand tools like hacksaws and hammers.
  • Use wall hawks to hang equipment such as shovels and rakes.


Zoning, labeling, and arranging the items in your garage will ensure that clutter doesn’t crop up again. Still, you can always utilize the four steps mentioned above to undertake quick and painless rubbish removal from your garage. Don’t forget to plan for the disposal of your unwanted items before you start cleaning.

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