Monday, April 1, 2019

Escape with Zilingo

There are launches and then there are LAUNCHES.

Zilingo hasn't had their official launch yet but I can definitely say that when it does happen, everyone will want to be there. We recently had our Escape with Zilingo Media Launch and they really put out all stops.

We were flown in via a 10 seater plane from Manila to Antonio's Tagaytay.


The ride was a little bumpy but thankfully, the pilot of Air Taxi navigated the winds like a pro so we got to our destination safely. As always, Antonio's is such a pleasure to go to. The food, service, and ambiance is simply wonderful.

During lunch, Zilingo as a company was introduced to us. I love that it not only does online selling but also offers other types of support for those who would like to get into e-commerce They can create a clothing line for you or bags and what not, they can help you forecast trends, and they can even fund your business if it fits with their own ideas and culture.

They also cut down the whole crazy process from so many steps to less than 10. They've also ensured that inclusivity is key when it comes to Zilingo so when you shop (and trust me, I've checked them out) you will see models of all forms, race, shape, and size. The plus size model is an actual pus size model so it's easier now to envision what the clothes would look like.

These are the wonderful people behind Zilingo.  I love that even with their own Marketing team, they walk the talk and practice inclusivity.

This is me pretending that I am not being blown away by the air coming from the chopper.

Here are some of the brands that are available on Zilingo, some of which are Mango and Prive Revaux.

The Zilingo media launch was what any launch should be. Memorable, informative, and made a lasting impression. It also stayed true to it's branding which is something any brand should aim for.

Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor

Great job to it's founders Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor. I look forward to learning more about Zilingo.

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