Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Honolulu Hong Kong Cafe

A month ago, my family and I tried out Honolulu Hong Kong Cafe which is located on the Lower Ground floor of SM Aura. I heard that the food was good and anything Chinese is a must try on my list.

I had high hopes for the place and here are some of the things that we ordered.Let's start with the sweet and sour pork which is cooked right. It' so hard to find decent sweet and sour pork so when I do find one, I am all for it. This one, WIN.

The Beef Hofan is also another must. I have been here 3x already and every single time, I made it a point to order this. If I remember correctly, it's I2 on the menu. Order at least 2, it will be worth it.

This is probably the most disappointing thing for me. First time I went, it was lacking. The second time, it was okay, and the 3rd, it was so-so. If you love Hong Kong or Macau egg tart, I'd suggest to not order this.

Now if you are a fan of curry, order the beef brisket curry and make sure you have a lot of rice. This bowl will make you eat at least 2 cup of rice, 3 if you're going to be real. The beef is not that soft but the overall taste is just so good.

Another thing you need to order if you love shrimp would be the shrimp coated in salted egg. The only thing I don't like about it is that the serving is too small. I wish they would have more of it because this plate is never enough for me.

If you like comfort food, you can also have the ramen topped with spam and egg. True comfort food which would be perfect when the rainy weather comes in.

Do I recommend this place? Heck yeah! The fact that I've eaten here 3x should tell you something especially if two times out of three has been with my family too.

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