Wednesday, May 1, 2013

working up a sweat

I used to hate sweating. You see, I rarely sweat so when I do, I find it really irritating. Today, I sweated a lot.

No, I did not glow (as some fashionable people would like to call sweating because they still look good when it happens.) I sweated. Trickling water down from my head to my neck to the middle of my boobs kinda sweat. In fact, I perspired so much that I had to change clothes, 2x.

On the way home, instead of riding the tricycle, I decided to walk. This became my major warm up and since it was around 330pm, I worked a lot of sweat and had to actually take a really quick bath to freshen up. Now, I was told to rest before going for a brisk walk and so I did for about an hour then off I went.

I timed myself this time. It takes 55 minutes to walk around the village and this is already brisk walking. Initially, I wasn't perspiring but halfway through, my body just became one pile of sweat. It was falling from my hair to my nape, it was trickling everywhere, and it just felt SO DAMN GOOD.

Until now, 2 hours later, I feel warm and I can feel my blood still pumping. I feel so alive. After the walk, I danced for a couple of minutes then cooled down. For dinner, I had oatmeal with strips of boiled chicken.

This is it. I can feel that I am finally on track to losing all the weight I gained for the last 8 years. I can see my mini dresses again and tight fit jeans. Eeekk.

Cheers to a better me.

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