Solaire's Screening of HangOver 3

I was invited to attend the screening for HangOver 3 by Solaire Resorts and Casino. Of course I said yes since it was Solaire and because I've seen Hang Over 1 and Hang Over 2. I definitely wanted to know how this epic tale of bad decisions would end.

When my friends and I got to Cinema 1 at around 6pm, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Digital Marketing Group of Solaire already there. Normally, the organizers are almost always late so it was such a pleasant surprise to see them all prepped and ready to go.

Since it was still early, my friend and I grabbed a quick bite and then went back to the Cinema after. We were shocked to see a pretty long line outside but I loved how efficient the staff was in handling things.

My friends and I had fun though the movie was not as stellar as the first two. What mattered was that we bonded over movie and had fun.