Friday, May 17, 2013

Successful giveaway of Amazing Aloha at the Madrigal Branch

Since I was part of the select bloggers who was able to try the Amazing Aloha a day before it was launched back to the market, I wanted to share the love with my family. Last May 14, we trooped over to Jollibee Madrigal and got there at 235pm. According to the Marketing Manager, they were supposed to giveaway the stubs starting 230pm but when we got there, it was almost gone. It seems that Madrigal gave it away at an earlier time and outside the store.

I was baffled. Luckily, after speaking with the manager, they were able to sort it out and the kids and I got our stubs.

There was a pretty long line of people waiting to have a taste of the Amazing Aloha. It was cool coz I saw some oldies who most likely missed it and kids who have never tried it.

The staff were all smiles (not just because of the camera) but also because the turnout was really great and the feedback given about the Amazing Aloha was really good.

My sister and her friend both loved it. They gave it the thumbs up sign.

Here are the wonderful staff of Jollibee Madrigal. Thanks guys for the warm welcome and free drinks. We loved it! However, we loved the Amazing Aloha more. Haha. Cheers!

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