Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amazing Aloha is Back

The last time we saw the Amazing Aloha of Jollibee was back in 2009. After that, it went MIA. Thankfully, Anthony Bourdain rediscovered it in LA and since he loved the taste, decided to let the whole world know about it. Now, its back and even better than before.

I was one of the few lucky ones to try it yesterday before it is launched today and OMG, it is simply to die for. The juicy patty and the pineapple simply complemented each other. It was super duper yummy!

Amazing Aloha Php99 solo, Php135 value meal 

fellow bloggers and our host 

This is available for a limited time only so please grab it while you can. The Amazing Aloha is a bite after bite delight of two juicy burger patties, crispy bacon bits, cheese, and lettuce, doused in honey mustard dressing, topped with a fresh slice of pineapply and sandwiched between two buns. Definitely extraordinary.

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