Monday, May 20, 2013

munimuni # 80

I am on the second to the last stage of my interviews with a company that I am interested in working for. I have passed 3 tests, 1 interview, and 1 panel interview where I had to charm 5 people into thinking that I am actually a thinking and functioning woman in spite of the mess that I have been lately. In fact, the feedback given was that they were very impressed with me and they thought I looked really good.

Please pray for me that I pass these interviews and finally get a job. I really need to work. Seriously.

I've cut ties with my Dad and it seems my brothers soon. Lets leave it at that. They're not really the people I need in my life right now and they may be family but my son will always come first and any person who puts my son's future in jeopardy is dead to me.

I've been spending time with friends lately. I've been seeing them and since they know my financial woes, they've been treating me and for this I am truly grateful. I will give them kick ass gifts on Christmas. That or just be there for them when time comes they need me as well coz that's what friends do.

This past week has been filled with back to back to back to back events. I loved that I was able to cover a lot of different events which ranged from the launching of a burger to seeing Vin Diesel in person to the opening of a bowling alley and finally capping it with a wine tasting. It was simply diverse and amazing. I was also able to visit the Ayala Museum (finally) because it was International Museum Day and admission was free. Among everything they had, it was the Gold of Ancestors and the Diorama that really blew me away. It was simply awesome.

I've also been walking at least 30 minutes every day. Since I've been pretty busy, I've ensured that I walk at least 30 minutes a day. It's not a full work out but its still something. I'm proud that I managed to stay on track with my goal of becoming healthier.

As for him, well, as I said, I'm leaving it to fate  and him now. It's really in his ball if our story continues or not. I'm just happy that he's still there for me when I need someone. I appreciate that a lot. Really, I do.

B and I have been having daily conversations about life and lessons in life. It's been a constant struggle to get him to be more brave or courageous. He's such a sensitive little guy with a soft heart that he easily gets hurt. It's been hard to balance that sensitivity with courage. I want him to be tougher but not lose any of his sensitivity. How does one do that?

If anyone knows, drop me a line will you?

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