Monday, May 20, 2013

here comes the bride ...

A dear friend of mine is getting married today. I'm happy for her, really. However, as with any weddings, be that of a friend or a perfect stranger that I happen to see in a church, I feel a little envious. Okay, I feel very envious.

You see, when I was young, I loved weddings. I love how the bridal gown looks like, the way everyone just seems so happy, the way the groom gets teary eyed when the bride walks in, and the way the bride simply looks radiant. I grew up imagining my own wedding.

In my head, it will be at a small church with a lot of flowers and candles illuminating everything. I do not want one of those big weddings. I want a small one with family and friends only. I imagined a friend singing "From this Moment" by Shania Twain when I do my walk. I imagined my Mom walking me towards the altar, ready to give me away to my future husband. I imagined that day to be full of love and promise of a future TOGETHER no matter what.

However, it seems that this dream will remain just that ... a dream. Mistakes in the past and mistakes recently made has ensured that there will be no groom for this wannabe bride. It seems that my simple dreams of being married in church, wearing a white simple gown, having a family of my own with a husband by my side, and that little apartment will never come true.

They were all so simple dreams but it seems that is all they would be. Simple dreams.

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