Monday, May 6, 2013

the flat belly workout

Someone sent this to me in support of my quest to a healthier me as well as getting back my flatboard abs which I had around 10 years ago. Wow! That sounded really ancient. I feel ancient now.

Anyway, I started with stretches then walked for 40 minutes. This walk was an improvement because it used to take me an hour to circle the village and now, its only 40 minutes. When I got home, I pulled up this photo and started doing the exercises.

I did 50 jumping jacks and only had to exert effort at around the 41st jumping jack. The 40 crunches took time. I had to do it in 2 parts. The squats were something I could do since I've always liked squats even when I was younger. I liked the effect of it on my thighs and most especially, my butt. I'm a little vain when it comes to my butt. It was something I was proud of when I was still in my 20's and its something I'd like to regain again.

The leg lifts were a nightmare though. I could only do it in 10's. It was so painful. Extremely painful. When I'm able to do everything in this list with ease, that's when I know that I need to double everything and by the time I'm able to do everything in doubles, I'm pretty sure I'd have lost at least 20lbs by then.

Before I get to that part though, I'm pretty sure it will be days of pain and moaning for me.

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