Monday, May 6, 2013

Project Pearls

I've seen this group way back 2011. I've always wanted to give my time to them but the 2x that I was supposed to volunteer, life happened and I wasn't able to do it. Now, I realized, I can help them in other ways aside from volunteering in Ulingan.

I plan to volunteer at least one Saturday a month and to print out activity sheets for these kids to use to learn, draw, and be more creative. I also hope that I can be part of their social media group because it is things like this that need promotion and awareness.

Groups like them need help. They need our time, treasure, and our talents. You see, they are not just a once a year or twice a year kind of program. This is a program that runs weekly. They have feeding programs, tutorials right after, birthday programs, health and wellness as well as dental missions.

Project Pearls 

Founded in 2008 by mother and daughter, Melissa Villa and Francesca Villa Mateo, initially to help Melissa's deaf and mute childhood friend and daughters who are living in a squatter area. Melissa helps in sending her friend's daughters to school.  Realizing that their extra savings in dollars go a long way in the Philippines, they started sending school supplies to other school children living in different slum communities.  In the summer of 2010, Melissa was introduced to the children of Ulingan by photo journalist, Sidney Snoeck.  Since then, the focus of Project PEARLS' outreach efforts is in Ulingan, a slum and garbage dumpsite community where over 400 families contend all day with the heat, fumes, dust, stench, flies, mosquitoes and vermin. Project PEARLS, under the leadership of Melissa's brother, Juan Villa has a weekly Feeding Program, Scholarship Program and quarterly Medical Mission in Ulingan.  

Our vision is to end child poverty as poverty denies children their rights to health, nutrition and a basic education. Our mission is to help the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines have a better life through our various outreach programs. We are hoping we can give them: Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love, Smiles. Breaking the cycle of poverty is almost impossible. But poverty doesn’t have to be permanent especially for children.  We need your help and support for investing in the children's health and nutrition, education, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.​ Project PEARLS is also helping underprivileged children in Dagupan, Bulacan, Caloocan, Guimaras, and Masbate. Our special outreach projects include rehabilitating public school libraries, 

For those who want to volunteer or donate, please sign here.  

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