Monday, December 31, 2012

the year that was 2012 ...

2012 has been overall a great year to me. When I initially met 2012, I said to myself, I was ready to fall in love again. I was ready to be with someone but I also told myself that this someone had to be ready to be with me. 12 months later, I have the funny man in my life and everything has been going very well between us.

2012 also showed the growth and blossoming of my blog. From being obscure, I now have over 700+ likes on my page, 200+ followers on twitter, and over 200+ people constantly visit my blog everyday. For me, this is quite an achievement because I do not really target a specific market. My blog is just about myself, my family, my love life, and my son. Yet, I have people who want to read it and even recommend it to others.

I am humbled.

2012 also saw a lot of first with my family. B is now in first grade and he's been doing consistently well. He's become more sociable and confident about himself. He's also learning to explore and discover new things. As for my family, we went through some trials but emerged from it still standing strong and together. We also celebrated our first Christmas together.

2012 also gave me the chance to work at a regular day job. I was able to see how life was like for someone who had an 8-5 job and I liked it. I didn't like the traffic so much but the fact that I could tutor my son when I got home was a pretty big deal for me.

In 2012, I received good health for my family, education for my son, opportunities via blogging, and true love. I can definitely say 2012 rocked.

Thank you 2012 for being so nice to me. There were definitely a LOT MORE happiness than sadness so for that, I am grateful.

2013, I welcome you with open arms coz I know that with my family, friend, and the funny man .... everything will be alright.


  1. wow an achievement na hindi pweding bilhin kahit saan! happy 2012 and more happiness in the year 2013. god bless.


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