Sunday, December 9, 2012

Coaching the Wonder Woman

A week ago, I received a private message on my blog's facebook page. I was pretty surprised to see that it was from a certain Jackie Caniza. It seems that someone recommended my blog to her and upon reading it, she asked if I would be interested to attend her workshop about work-life balance in heels.

The idea intrigued me. I have heard of these kind of workshops but have never really attended one. The last workshop I attended was back when I was in high school when I became one of the editors in our school paper and up to this day, I still use some of the lessons I learned from that workshop.

Obviously, I said yes and boy am I glad I did .

The workshop started right on time which was a pleasant surprise for me. Jackie was quite engaging and managed to draw the crowd to talk about themselves. Mind you, these were women who had high positions and were very comfortable in their position and power. These were women who were confident about making decisions but are not in the habit of talking about themselves and their emotions.

I honestly felt like I didn't belong with the group. I was just a sales person and a blogger. They were lawyes, IT Managers, Head of Safety and Compliance. They were leaders. They were successful.

As the day went on and the activities progressed, I slowly realized that though I may not be as successful as they were career wise, I was actually more successful than any of them were. The talk about life balance and how to make the most out of everything ... about balancing oneself and one's time .... and how "me" time is just as important as time for others made me see that I was actually able to do what the workshop was teaching us.

I had life balance and I was able to make time for everyone in my life that mattered, including myself.

There were a  lot of activities that were done and I'd like to tackle it in detail on separate posts. I feel that it deserves to be discussed further. For now, here are the other women that I spent the day with.

This is Jackie, our wonderful facilitator.

 And surprise surprise, there was a loot bag given at the end of the workshop. I felt so happy receiving this because most of it were items that my Mom can use and she'd be very happy.

Coaching the Wonder Woman reinforced what I have learned in the 2 years that I was single. ME time is important and focusing on all aspects of your life matters. You may not be alloting equal time to everything but as long as you are allotting time, then you are doing well.

Thanks Jackie for making me realize this. :)

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