Ayala Triangle Symphony of Lights

I mentioned to FM that last year, I wanted to see the Symphony of Light show at the Ayala Triangle. We were not able to because it rained a lot and every time I was in the area, there was a drizzle which caused the show to be cancelled.

Last week, FM and I met up. He asked me if I had plans for us and I said that I really didn't have any. We went around Makati for over an hour looking for parking space. I was starting to wonder where we were going when we finally found one.

We started walking towards Ayala and that was when I realized we were actually going to see the Ayala Triangle Symphony of Lights. Eeeekkk!

I was so happy! The Symphony of Lights was everything I expected it to be. It was amazing, inspiring, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. It was magical. The moment was magical.

It was simply marvelous and I feel like I could actually sit there and watch it again and again. It was simply lovely.

Thank you again FM for this magical moment.