Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mommy's 49th Birthday

We celebrated my Mom's birthday at Yabu in Mall of Asia. My brother was able to book a corner table for us and by some miracle, even my Dad was able to make it.

We started with drinks because FM and my Dad and brother wasn't able to make it by 7pm. We had to delay dinner so we only ordered a meal for B and drinks for us.

I loved the watermelon shake and B almost finished the Chicken Katsu meal for kids. He even asked for 1 piece of Jumbo Tiger Prawn and also finished it. It seems B was famished from all the walking around we did because my brother wanted to buy me his Christmas gift and I couldn't make myself say yes coz I keep seeing the crazy expensive tag price.

When FM and my family who were stuck in traffic finally arrived, we ordered food. Before they came though, we had a minor incident where one of the servers spilled ice tea on Arnie. To make up for it, the restaurant manager served us their 2 new dishes which was the soft shelled crab and cheese katsu. I'll talk more about the food on a separate post.

My family all had fun crushing the seeds and pouring the sauce. I had fun taking photos of them doing it. 

When the food finally came, everyone stuffed themselves silly and ate and ate and ate.

My Mom also loved our gifts to her. The twins bought her shoes and a dress. FM and I got her perfume, body wash, and lotion.

We had a great time celebrating my Mom's birthday and I know that though there was no cake, she was very happy.


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