Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Break: What to do? (Pre-school Edition)

Christmas break is coming up and I'm sure all the kids are excited to have a break from school. Some parents look forward to this to catch up with their kids but others dread this 2 week vacation for one simple reason. When kids get bored, the house turns into a warzone of whines and complaints.

So, what's a parent got to do? Here are some things you can provide your kid to ensure that their Christmas break will not only be fun but also productive.

Arts and Crafts! You don't need to spend a lot but I can assure you that they will have fun and at the end of the day, you would have something to show off in an album or your office wall.

To teach them basic shapes, cutting, coloring, and gluing, click here and print the templates you see. You can choose between black and white or colored ones. I recommend the black and white ones. I also recommend printing all the basic shapes and letting them cut it all by themselves. You can buy the baby safe scissors available in local bookstores to ensure that cutting paper will be safe for your pre-schooler.

When they are done cutting it out, combine all the eyes, legs, arms, nose, and mouth shapes so that they can be creative. Let them color it any way they want. Allow them to be creative. Provide a second set. Let them COPY THE COLOR to see if they can follow instructions. It's important that you do both so that they would be able to show you that they are creative and can follow instructions when needed.

Most important? Play music, take videos and photos, show them off to the world and have FUN!

I've printed 10 copies for each shape and can't wait to have B do it for Christmas break. If you tried this with your kids, leave a comment with the link to the photo. I'd love to see it.

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  1. thanks for this information.. will keep this in mind lalo na at my pre schooler is on vacation


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