Monday, December 31, 2012

in 2013 ....

  1. I will join the 50 Book Project and accomplish it. 
  2. I will participate in the 365 Photo Project. 
  3. I will finish 2 cross stitches and have the rest framed. 
  4. I will finish all my scrapbooks and sort my photos. What I cannot scrapbook, I will put in an album. 
  5. I will launch my arts and crafts line with a kooky name. 
  6. I will blog more about plays, arts and crafts, and Mommy pointers. 
  7. I will lose at least 20lbs and become healthier. 
  8. I will fix myself up and take care of me. 
  9. I will put aside at least 5% of my income weekly. 
  10. I will travel. 
  11. I will be a BETTER me ... which means better daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, and partner. 
  12. I will help my Mom, Uncle, and brother expand their food business by marketing it more aggressively. 
  13. I will write more, sharpen my photography skills, and hone my creativity. 
  14. I will make all these happen. 
Onward and upwards 2013! Bring it on! Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year, Yeah! Make it happen sis!

  2. Happy new year! May all your goals be realized and may God bless you always :)


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